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but not for president. federal law has said you must choose your electors on the first monday after the first tuesday of november. this year, november 6. so the state of new jersey, where we live, for example, could delay congressional elections by a month because they felt candidates could not campaign because of the hurricane but it could not delay the presidential election since that is the date set by congress. so, we have to hold it on that date or hold a substitute for it, like a vote if the legislature on that date. >>neil: what is the likely hood that 20 states, says were affected by the storm in one way, shape or form, not that the entire state is affected by power outages and it is mostly in new jersey or connecticut or the other states is there anything the federal government can do to say, all right, to be fair, we pushed this back a week, that would be unprecedented? >>judge napolitano: it would. it would be impossible because it would require the congress, everyone in the house of representatives up to re-election, a third of the senate is up, and the president will resume campaigning,
are required to have generators for just this keep of a reason that law doesn't exist except in florida. north into delaware, new jersey, pennsylvania, new york, connecticut, et cetera, the fact the refineries are shut down is not the problem. there should be three or four weeks of inventory on hand. the real problem is the distribution. if the highways are closed you cannot distribute. if the retail stations do not have electricity, they cannot pump for the retail customer. you will likely see a spike in price until things are back to normal. and then prices will generally come back to the normalness but people will be reminded how essential gasoline is to every day life. when you can not get it, that is the availability issue, when can you nut get it, you panic, and then you will go anywhere to get a tank. that will lead to gas lines and to a lot of people getting very, very unfriendly with one another because when it is scarce, people are desperate, and they will do strange things. so, this is not a good scene. >>neil: it is not, thank you, john, for those just tuning in, we can tell you we
power? the power could be out for a long-term and in some of the manufacture pop laws states, not the media capital of the world, this gets a lost attention, what is the boomerang affect? >>pat: we will have an election day but next week by this time, we may or may not. >>neil: i said you are a genius and now you are saying we have an election day. >>pat: but we may not know. the power couldedly things we will go to paper ballots and we could be closed for a long-term and someone will win decisively and that would be romney or it will be close and it could be obama, but if it is close we will be here for days. >>neil: wait, wait, wait, wait, my world record when you say days, my world record for being on the hair is 11 hours straight. >>pat: there is a good chance. because you just need to be ready. >>neil: thank you very much. pat president i will be there suffering with you. >>neil: i love that. >>pat: just like iowa. >>neil: you are so smart it is scary. panic is setting in as the power outages keep the gas stations closed. this gas line look how far it stretched -- into c
and she is in new jersey and one out of 50 calls went law by the time i got through the kids had tied her up to the table demanding all the candy from halloween that has been canceled. i think we have teddy back. i see you didn't pay your bill. what happens now? we get beyond this but it is not as if it is getting rackbly better. what do you see happening tomorrow and friday? >>guest: well, clearly, we have the election next week and that will be a huge game changer depending on how that plays out and then the focus is going to be this fiscal cliff and the political circus in washington and they will hang everyone out to try i am sure no matter who selected to the very last minute and it is unbelievable that here we are, a couple years later and we are finding ourselves in the same political position and everyone is on pins and needles but the bottom line for the market, the market can thought deal with all of this uncertainty and i think it is going to be a negative as you work toward the end of the year. >>neil: do you think we should have shut down the last two days? >>guest: i think t
people on staten i'll, new jersey, on long island, my son if law's house, washed away. people living with no houses and people in staten island, crying with no water. be real. these people need help. we should mobilize our police department. get them over to staten island. there are only cops and firemen, maybe that is the problem. my problem is i am getting the calls each day, people are crying, why isn't anyone doing anything in now we don't care about that, we are going to have a marathon on sunday? something is wrong with somebody. this is ridiculous. guys who are retired say they call the special number and they are as the parade route on sunday for crowd control. they want to help people. you ought to find more bodies in the houses, with freeport and the rockaways. people are patting themselves on the back what a great job --. >>neil: i would say patting on the back when the job is done. staten island is getting the attention because the long forgotten borrowing deserves attention because these folks are hurting. you can see the results what is going open from fox. this is indi
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)